Alternator Replacement


Car Dynamic Duos:

  • Brakes and pads
  • Window wipers and blades
  • Car battery and alternator

There are many more, but the point is, is that it’s hard to understand the importance of a failing part without having a slight idea of the other parts it works with. The first two are easy to understand how they work together. The next one is your battery and alternator, arguably a more complicated and time-sensitive set to deal with.

How Your Alternator Works

We know what the battery is, but the alternator? The alternator is what recharges your battery after being used, like after using your lights or stereo. It hangs out right next to your engine. When the alternator goes bad, your battery’s life suddenly is only as long as the remaining charge it has left.


  • Dimming lights – they will begin to switch from day to night lights
  • Battery stops holding a charge
  • Burning electrical smell near the engine
  • Alternator warning light

Maybe you or someone jumpstarted your car without exactly knowing how to do it correctly. All these things can contribute to a failing alternator. When any of these signs are noticed, bring in your car for service as soon as possible to see our team at Tom Smith so we can take an in-depth look and determine if your alternator needs to be replaced or not. At Tom Smith, our team uses genuine parts when working on your vehicle. This means that whatever we replace or are working with, it is designed by the engineers of your make and model to ensure the repair or maintenance meets and/or exceeds original manufacturer standards.


Buying the right and important parts is essential. Since the alternator works directly with your battery, your battery will not be able to last too long without a properly functioning alternator. At Tom Smith, you never have to worry about the quality and can sleep easy knowing that everything we install comes with a warranty. The team of professionals at Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC makes getting in and out easy with our convenient online scheduling options as well as our flexible weekday and Saturday hours. There’s a reason why drivers all around Midland, Ontario prefer our team. Book your appointment today!