Anti Lock Brake System (ABS) Service


The Anti-Lock Brake System is a modern feat of safety engineering that allows your vehicle’s wheels to maintain traction regardless of how hard you push the brake pedal. As the name suggests, the Anti-Lock Brake System promotes maximum traction by preventing your vehicle’s wheels from locking up and stopping rotation. This is vital for passenger safety because if the wheels lock, the vehicle can begin skidding uncontrollably. The Anti-Lock Brake System provides your vehicle with improved control while decreasing stopping distance. Ultimately, this will reduce the risk of a collision and improve your safety while driving drastically. If a problem develops with the Anti-Lock Brake System, it will require maintenance or repair service to restore its performance and your vehicle’s passenger safety.


The Anti-Lock Brake System works with sensors at each wheel that detect wheel spin and release the brakes if they lock up. This happens very quickly, and the only way to know that the Anti-Lock Brake System is working is by the brake feel and noise. The Anti-Lock Brake System is usually reliable but also relies on hydraulic Brake Fluid to function properly. This means that the Brake Fluid exchange service is an excellent way of supporting reliable Anti-Lock Brake System performance. When an Anti-Lock Brake System stops working properly, there are significant consequences to consider including loss of traction, vehicle skidding, and hydroplaning. The risk of these consequences will also increase under heavy braking conditions.

Here are the most common warning signs associated with an Anti-Lock Brake System problem:

  • Mileage beyond the Brake Fluid Exchange interval
  • Brake System warning light is on
  • Unresponsive brake pedal
  • Brakes are locking up

What happens during Anti-Lock Brake System Service?

At Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC, Anti-Lock Brake System Service features a Certified Technician that knows your vehicle and its brake system inside and out. All of the vital components will get inspected with a Brake Fluid exchange as necessary to restore factory specifications. If a faulty component is identified, it can receive the repair or replacement it needs to restore your vehicle’s Brake system to peak performance. Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC is conveniently located in Midland near Penetanguishene & Port McNicoll, Ontario.