The Best Car Date

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The best car date with your vehicle (get your mind out of the gutter right away)

This weeks blog post, Gregg Devillers shares The Best Car Date.

Everything we do in life, we are also taught we should personalize everything, and make it relatable to us. When I did my master’s degree, we had to write a lot of self-reflection papers, so we could relate the material being taught to our experience, either work or life. Taking this idea, I thought how to personalize this blog post and relate it to an experience I have had with a car or truck. Therefore, I have come up with the idea, what is the best date you have had with your vehicle.

Movie Date
When my wife was pregnant with our first child, mind out of the gutter, remember, I mentioned to her about having a car movie date and our car had the ability to play DVDs. I said we would go to a certain spot and watch a nice suspenseful movie. She agreed, I prepared a ton of snacks because the last thing I wanted was a pregnant woman hungry during the movie and found a great location. We drove about 25 minutes to this park next to a lake, with a great view of the lake itself and was covered by the mountain across the lake. It was dark but not late and we started the movie. The movie we chose was called “Identity” with John Cusack and Ray Liotta and a bunch of other famous actors in the day. We both had not seen this movie and the story of the movie fit right in with our location. As the movie started it began to rain and with no lights around us and the rain, it made the suspense of the movie even more chilling. Just as we got to the climax of the movie, a truck pulled into the park and parked right behind us. Having their car lights shine in and around us added an extra amount of suspense to the movie. Once the truck left, and hopefully the murderer inside it, we continued with the movie and enjoyed our nice car movie date. Once the movie finished and the hairs on our body relaxed, we left the park and stopped off at McDonalds as my wife was hungry again, 10lbs of snacks wasn’t enough, I guess. I think back now to that time and how nice that date was and how for your budget-sensitive people, it fit that bill too.

What are some of the best dates you have had with your vehicle? Comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages or send me an email at and I can post some of the best examples that are sent it.