Brake Fluid Exchange


At Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC in Midland, we offer Certified Brake Fluid Exchange Service that is guaranteed to restore your Brake Fluid to peak performance with reliable brake system performance. Brake Fluid is the lifeblood of the Brake System because it is the hydraulic fluid that transfers the stopping power that you need to slow down and stop every time you press the brake pedal. Brake Fluid is an attractive hydraulic because it does not compress under tremendous pressure, but it has one limitation – it eventually becomes contaminated over time. Any cracks in the brake system will cause the Brake Fluid to leak or become contaminated with water. If the Brake Fluid is low from leaking or if it has absorbed water, it will need Brake Fluid Exchange Service to restore the Brake system to factory specifications.


The brake system cannot function properly if the brake fluid gets too low or becomes contaminated. Brake fluid is known to get contaminated with water and can also leak out of the system if a plastic or rubber piece fails. It is the best strategy to follow the recommended maintenance interval for Brake Fluid Exchange Service found in the owner’s manual; however, it is equally valuable to know the warning signs of a brake fluid problem. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of a Brake Fluid problem, then scheduling Brake Fluid Exchange Service ASAP is an excellent idea to ensure powerful braking and maximum passenger safety:

  • Noise – grinding, squealing, or screeching during brake operation
  • Warning light – brake system warning light illuminates
  • Brake pedal – low brake fluid can cause a soft pedal feel, and contaminated brake fluid can make the pedal feel harder than usual
  • Pull – vehicle pulls to a side during braking
  • Bounce – front end bounces during short stopping

What’s included in Brake Fluid Exchange Service?

Our Brake Fluid Exchange Service is Certified and will always include a Certified Technician that knows your vehicle inside and out and will only install genuine Brake Fluid. A full inspection of the brake system gets completed to identify any faulty components including brake pads, rotors, lines, and master cylinder. Gain peace of mind with a Brake Fluid Exchange Service at Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC in Midland because we know your vehicle better than anyone else! We are located conveniently in Midland near Penetanguishene & Port McNicoll, Ontario