Blog # 29 Buick’s Changes

Buick's Changes

Buick's Changes

Buick’s Changes

The Buick brand has been trying to reinvent itself over the past few years, first with the launch of a new logo that started out on 2023 models, new models of vehicles and now a motto change. For people who were not familiar with the Buick logo, it has changed many times over the year and last year they released the new tri-shield badge being designed horizontally compared with the older diagonal in a circle design. Each shield in the logo has the traditional red, white, and blue colours.

Next, Buick has been re-designing some of their vehicles, like the Encore GX for the 2023 year. The newer design gives the Encore GX a sportier look and would appeal to a younger age demographic. The 2024 Envista is an all-new designed vehicle that radiates confidence with some great features. The 2024 Envision and the 2025 Enclave will be the next two vehicles that will have some changes and will be available later this year.

Maybe all this re-designing is to get away from the idea that my co-worker said in that “Buick is your grandparent’s car.” Well, Buick has decided to counter that mantra, and the next era of Buick is not your grandparent’s vehicle. The last thing is Buick has done is come up with a new catchy motto “Exceptional by design.” Exceptional by design is to reflect Buick’s attention to detail, the sculptural form and aesthetic philosophy of the Buick brand and product.

With the changes, now all 4 of Buicks beautiful vehicle portfolio is focused on the embodiment of vehicle design, attention to detail and vehicle quality, so customers are still getting the vehicle that your grandparents would want but with designs that look cool and have all the aspects the younger generations require.

If you would like to view one of the Buick’s stars in their lineup, please call us at Tom Smith Chevrolet to make an appointment to come see the new era of Buick. We are all excited about Buick's Changes and can't wait to take you for a test drive.

You can see the new tagline and some of the design history and an idea of where Buick is heading in the future with some of their social media releases. Take a look at:

Gregg Devillers

Written by Gregg Devillers, Product Specialist