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What do you listen to while you are driving?

With technological advancements being put into vehicles, it got me thinking of what people listen to while driving. If you have a nice GM vehicle, you basically have a minicomputer at your hands with the different infotainment centers and the opportunity to connect your Apple or Android phones gives you even more options to listen to. On the infotainment center, you have the typical radio choice, but you can also have SiriusXM and some vehicles come with APPs like Spotify you can register and create music playlists to listen to your favourite songs.

The first thing I’ll do when I get into my car is to decide on what I want to listen to. I’ll have days where I like to listen to the radio and love when certain songs come on and just sing away. Doesn’t matter where I am, when ‘radar love’ comes on by Golden Earring, I just get stuck into that song. From the beginning with the bass and drum line going, my fingers are tapping against the steering wheel, waiting for the moment to belt out that opening line of “I’ve been driving all night, my hands wet on the wheel.”  Some other days I’ll have my phone connected and my old 90’s music list plays and Tupac’s “California Love” will be blasting. That opening just gets me into the driving mood and makes the next 5-10 minutes much better.

I know some of my co-workers like to listen to other things when they are driving. My one co-worker does a lot of driving on Sunday, whether it is back from his cottage or visiting family and during the NFL season he will listen a lot to the football games. I’ve had friends tell me they love listening to baseball games on the radio as they drive home. And of course, in Canada and Toronto Maple Leaf area, the voice of Joe Bowen during the Leafs broadcasts is always a great listen, “Holy Mackinaw.”

I had another customer who told me that she always listens to audio books while she drives. I’m not sure how long I would be able to drive without nodding off, but I guess it would depend on who the narrator is or how exciting the story got.

Finally, another thing I’ll listen to is podcasts and for me especially hockey podcasts. I really like listening to 32 Thoughts and Spittin Chicklets podcasts. Just like listening to the radio, having a nice hour or two long radio show without all the commercials makes my drives more enjoyable. Based on a lot of other listeners for those podcasts, I am not alone with listening to them on drives. Having the ability to connect my phone to get the podcasts just gives me another entertainment experience while driving.

Most vehicles have a variety of options when it comes to playing whatever you want to listen to. There is the Radio, Sirius XM, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth. Lots of options available with your new vehicle.

What do you listen to?  Please let me know in the comments or send me an email at with your favourite choices when you are driving.


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