Favourite Car Features

Blog #4 Favourite Car Features

When shopping for a car, whether new or used, most people have a list of  features that their vehicle needs to have.

The top ten features that buyers are looking for are

  1. Heated seats: 66%
  2. Blind-spot monitoring: 60%
  3. Front and rear parking sensors: 55%
  4. All-wheel or four-wheel drive: 54%
  5. Lane-departure warning: 54%
  6. Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto: 53%
  7. Power front passenger seat: 52%
  8. LED accent lights: 52%
  9. Ventilated or cooled seats: 50%
  10. Memory driver’s seat: 49%


There have been many features added in the last few years that have made driving safer. Those include, front pedestrian braking, back up sensors, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert, lane keep assist, and of course back up cameras, which have been mandatory since 2018. These features offer more reassurance for new drivers as well, although shouldn’t be a replacement for checking your blind spot.

Some of my favourite car features are ones that make driving in the winter more enjoyable. Being in Canada these features are used heavily for at least six months of the year. These features include heated steering wheel, heated seats, heated mirrors and even heated cup holders. On top of these, having a remote start is a great feature to have in the winter, you can start warming up your car before you even leave the house. The heated seat feature is also popular for those aged 30+, as it comes in handy after a long day when your back is sore.

The favourite car features that families are looking for include trunk space to hold all their gear, rear entertainment systems to keep their kids entertained during long drives, leather seats for easy cleaning, power liftgate and proximity keyless entry so you don’t need to dig out the keys when your hands are full. Families spend a lot of time on the road especially with kids in sports so these features can make a huge difference.

Recently I have seen a few features in vehicles that I have not seen before. One being heads up display. It shows the speed on your windshield in front of you while you are driving. It almost makes you feel like you are in a video game. I am not sure I like it, but it could be useful to some drivers. There is also the rear-view mirror camera which offers an unobstructed view behind you. Another feature I am not sure if I like but maybe that is just because it is different and takes some getting used to. Some features you don’t think you will like and those turn out to be features you cannot live without.

For myself, features I never want to go without include heated seats, heated steering and keyless entry. I also don’t even want to ever reverse a vehicle without a back up camera and guidelines.

I asked the Product Specialists at Tom Smith Chevrolet what their favourite features are – take a watch to see what they say

I can’t wait to look back in 10 years and see how this list of top features will change. What are some features you think vehicles will have in the next decade?


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