Four-Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment generally describes how each of the wheel-tire assemblies meets the steering components. When wheels are properly aligned, the opposing steering wheels turn parallel to each other with tire rubber touching the road at a precise 90-degree angle. Three angles define proper Wheel Alignment; camber, caster, and toe. During Four-Wheel Alignment Service, a certified technician will use laser-guided digital equipment to evaluate current wheel angles and adjust them as necessary to restore factory specifications. When your wheels stay aligned, you can expect to collect the benefits of Four-Wheel Alignment Service including even tread wear, smoother driving, extended tire life, and reduced operating costs.


No rule-of-thumb recommendation is suitable for every vehicle in knowing how often to get Four-Wheel Alignment Service because every vehicle is different. However, we know that it is an excellent idea to schedule Wheel Alignment Service at least every two years if it is not included in the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. It is also important to get the wheels aligned whenever you install new tires. Having the wheels aligned with a new tire purchase is an excellent strategy that will promote an extended service life for your tires. It is also essential to never ignore any warning signs of faulty wheel angles.

Here are the warning signs of misaligned wheels:

  • Drifting to one side on a smooth road when the steering wheel is straight
  • Abnormal tire wear patterns
  • Vibration while driving at speed

Key Causes of Wheel Misalignment

Wheels face a variety of steering forces under various driving preferences. The condition of the road is a significant factor when it comes to wheel alignment. Hitting a pothole or curb can also cause wheel misalignment with a single hard impact. Suspension parts also get wear and tear to threaten wheel alignment such as shifting suspension springs. Substantial road impacts and sudden jarring will cause wheel angles to become compromised. No matter what the cause of your poor wheel alignment, gain peace of mind with a Four-Wheel Alignment Service at Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC in Midland.