GMC Canyon Vs Ford Ranger

GMC Canyon Vs Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Comparing the 2024 Ford Ranger and the 2024 GMC Canyon

The mid-size truck segment has heated up with the introduction of the all-new fifth-generation 2024 Ford Ranger and the robust 2024 GMC Canyon. While both trucks offer impressive features and capabilities, they cater to different needs and preferences. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to help you decide which truck might be the better fit for you.

Engine Options and Performance

Ford Ranger:

  • Base Engine: The entry-level models of the new Ranger come with the same engine as the outgoing model, which might be a drawback for those expecting significant changes.
  • Future Options: An optional V6 Turbo engine is expected later in 2024, and the high-performance Raptor model will feature a 3.0L V6 engine, making it a compelling choice for off-road enthusiasts.

GMC Canyon:

  • Engine Variety: The Canyon is built to conquer virtually any terrain right out of the factory. The AT4X model is the pinnacle of GMC's off-road capability, surpassing what the Ranger offers without aftermarket modifications.
  • Best-in-Class Torque: The Canyon boasts best-in-class standard gas engine torque, providing strong performance for both daily driving and demanding tasks.

MSRP Comparison

GMC Canyon:

  • Elevation Crew Cab 5-ft. Box: $47,099
  • AT4: $51,799
  • Denali: $61,399
  • AT4X: $66,699

Ford Ranger:

  • XL SuperCrew 5-ft Box: $43,450
  • XLT: $47,700
  • Lariat: $55,900
  • Raptor: $80,000

Body Style and Capability

Ford Ranger:

  • Body Style: The extended cab has been discontinued, leaving only a single body style—crew cab—offered in four-wheel drive. The Raptor model will feature full-time 4WD, emphasizing its off-road prowess.
  • Aftermarket Needs: To match the Canyon’s off-road capabilities, especially the AT4X, Ranger owners might need to look to aftermarket upgrades.

GMC Canyon:

  • Built for Terrain: The Canyon, particularly the AT4X, is designed to tackle any terrain with factory-ready off-road capabilities.
  • Comfort and Capability: The Canyon provides more overall comfort for occupants, a larger fuel tank for extended range, and a super-wide stance with a taller and roomier cabin, enhancing both comfort and functionality.

Towing and Hauling

Both trucks are capable of towing and hauling similar amounts when properly equipped. However, the Canyon’s superior engine torque and comfort make it a more well-rounded option for long hauls and heavy loads.

Interior Space and Comfort

GMC Canyon:

  • Roominess: The Canyon is larger than the Ranger, with a wider stance and a taller build, translating to a more spacious and comfortable cabin.
  • Fuel Range: With a larger fuel tank, the Canyon offers better fuel range, an essential factor for long trips or work-related travel.

Standard and Available Features

The GMC Canyon comes with a range of features that are either standard or available, offering a more comprehensive package compared to the Ford Ranger. These features enhance the driving experience, safety, and convenience, making the Canyon a more appealing choice for those seeking a well-equipped mid-size truck.


While the 2024 Ford Ranger brings fresh updates and the promise of a high-performance Raptor model, the 2024 GMC Canyon stands out with its superior off-road capabilities, greater comfort, and a more extensive list of standard features. If you're looking for a truck that offers excellent performance right off the assembly line, a spacious interior, and a strong focus on occupant comfort, the GMC Canyon is the better choice. For those who are excited about future engine options and are willing to consider aftermarket upgrades, the Ford Ranger remains a strong contender.

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