GMC Terrain Vs Ford Escape

GMC Terrain Vs Ford Escape

Ford Escape

2024 GMC Terrain vs. 2024 Ford Escape: A Comprehensive Comparison

The compact SUV market is highly competitive, with many models vying for the attention of consumers. Among the top contenders are the 2024 GMC Terrain and the 2024 Ford Escape. While both vehicles offer a range of features and benefits, the GMC Terrain stands out in several key areas. Let's compare these two SUVs to see why the Terrain may be the better choice for many drivers.

Pricing and Value

Although the 2024 Ford Escape has a lower starting MSRP, the base model of the GMC Terrain justifies its slightly higher price with a more extensive list of standard equipment. Here's a quick comparison of the MSRP for different trims:

MSRP ($) Comparison

  • Terrain FWD: $32,845
  • Terrain AWD: $34,945
  • Escape FWD: $32,849
  • Escape AWD: $35,449

Despite the close pricing, the GMC Terrain offers more value through its standard features, making it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

Trim Levels and Off-Road Capability

The GMC Terrain offers several trims, each designed to meet different needs and preferences:

  • SLE
  • SLT
  • AT4
  • Denali

On the other hand, the Ford Escape trims include:

  • Active
  • ST-Line
  • ST-Line Select
  • Platinum
  • ST-Line Elite

One standout trim is the GMC Terrain AT4, which is specifically designed for off-road adventures. This model helps the Terrain compete head-to-head with other off-road capable vehicles in its class, giving it a unique edge over the Ford Escape.

Interior Space and Cargo Flexibility

While the Ford Escape offers more interior space, the GMC Terrain excels in cargo flexibility. The Terrain's flat-folding front passenger seat allows for longer items to be transported with ease, a feature not found in the Escape. This makes the Terrain more versatile for carrying various types of cargo.

Safety and Convenience Features

The GMC Terrain offers several safety and convenience features that are either unavailable or come as upgrades in the Ford Escape:

  • Rear Seat Reminder: Reminds drivers to check the back seat if they opened the rear door before starting their journey, a feature not available in the Escape.
  • OnStar Safety & Security: Provides reliable emergency assistance without the limitations of Ford's 911 Assist, which depends on the phone’s Bluetooth connection.
  • High Definition Camera and Display: Available on the Terrain for clearer visuals.
  • Heated Seats and Exterior Mirrors: Standard on the base model Terrain, essential for Canadian winters. Ford customers need to add a $1,100 package for these features.
  • Remote Vehicle Start: Standard on the Terrain, while it’s an upgrade on the Escape.

Additional Standard Features

The GMC Terrain includes many standard convenience, driver assistance, and connected vehicle features that enhance the overall driving experience. These features contribute to the Terrain's reputation for providing more value and a higher level of comfort and safety.


While both the 2024 GMC Terrain and the 2024 Ford Escape are strong contenders in the compact SUV market, the GMC Terrain offers several advantages that make it a more compelling choice for many drivers. From its extensive list of standard features and superior cargo flexibility to its advanced safety and convenience technologies, the Terrain provides excellent value and versatility. Whether you prioritize off-road capability, interior comfort, or safety features, the GMC Terrain stands out as a well-rounded and reliable option for your next vehicle.