Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection


A Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection is like a health assessment for your vehicle completed by a Certified Service expert. The Certified Service expert will use a simple three-color-coded checklist with each color representing a condition from good to bad. Green means that the component is in excellent condition with no action needed. Yellow is for parts with wear but will require attention soon. Red is given to parts with risky wear that should be addressed immediately. The benefits of Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection include peace of mind knowing the precise health of your vehicle, improved vehicle maintenance responsiveness, improved reliability, and reduced operating costs.


In short, everything gets inspected by a certified technician during a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. A trained expert evaluates every primary performance system and vital components with each system and component given a grade indicating if any additional action is necessary to improve performance, reliability, and safety while offering an opportunity to correct any parts with troubling wear.

Here is what our certified service experts assess during a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection:

  • Engine Oil – engine oil condition and remaining oil life is checked to ensure adequate engine lubrication
  • Tires – tire wear inspection, tread depth check, alignment, and balancing as needed to promote optimum performance, reliability, and safety
  • Wiper Blades and Windshield Glass – wiper blade inspection and replacement as needed for optimum glass-clearing visibility and safety
  • Fluids – all fluids inspected and topped off to factory specifications
  • Brakes – the entire brake system is inspected including fluid, pads, lines, hoses, and rotors.
  • Battery – battery performance check with connection cleaning and replacement as needed for peak engine-cranking power with reserve capacity at factory specifications.

When should I get a Multi-Point Inspection?

A good rule-of-thumb is to get a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection with every oil change. However, if you haven’t had a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in the last year, we recommend getting one now to get on sequence for frequent Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection with every Oil Change. Also of value is knowing that if you start experiencing strange symptoms in vehicle performance, you can always get a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection to find out precisely what’s wrong. Get your next Certified Service Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC in Midland.