Tire Rotation Service


Tire Rotation Service is an automotive tire maintenance strategy that mitigates the variable steering & handling forces that differ across each wheel location. First, we know tires will wear over time since they are made of rubber. Second, they will wear differently depending upon their location on the vehicle. Tires positioned on your vehicle’s front wheels handle different forces than the tires positioned at the rear. If left unattended, the driving forces will cause the tire tread to wear down until you have a flat. However, periodically repositioning each tire in a different wheel location will mitigate the threat of uneven and rapid tire wear that occurs from leaving tires in one place for too long. Tire Rotation Service is the term that describes periodically repositioning each tire to a new location that provides you with benefits including smoother steering & handling, better ride comfort, maximum tire life, reduced operational costs, and maximum passenger safety.


It is always the best tire maintenance strategy to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for Tire Rotation Service outlined in the owner’s manual; however, it is also a wise decision to monitor your vehicle for any of the symptoms of uneven or rapid tire tread wear that need to be corrected with Tire Rotation Service.

Here are the most common signs of needing Tire Rotation Service:

  • Uneven wear across the tires such as wear on one side or balding
  • Vehicle vibrates at speeds over 45 mph
  • If a tire loses pressure faster than the others

How Tire Rotation Works

Tire Rotation Service is much more than randomly moving around tires to a new wheel position. At Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC, our Tire Rotation Service begins with a Certified Technician that has vast training and experience inspecting tread wear across each tire and then references a Certified Service protocol to reposition each tire strategically based on the current wear. By being strategic with Tire Rotation Service, our customers get the maximum life out of their tires with reduced operational costs. Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC is conveniently located in Midland near Penetanguishene & Port McNicoll, Ontario.